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Using Footwork to get PickleBall Fit

Training is extremely important and should form an integral part of an athlete’s daily routine. Creating good habits and developing muscle memory is so important in having consistency in your game.

Now that we have learned what the core is and how to use it to maximize our body mechanics, let’s now look at our footwork.

Why what your paddle is made of matters

Part 1 - Cores

Many players (including pros) don’t understand what’s in a paddle so they don’t really know that a core or surface really is and WHY it makes a difference to THEM. It’s not about the type of core or type of surface- it’s about the notion that there are different materials that affect the way their paddle performs and we are the ONLY company that offers this to every player.

TSD Tournament Play Blog

How important is warming up during a tournament?

I think most pickleball players rarely spend enough time warming up during recreation play, but do they spend enough time warming up during a tournament. The average warm up during recreation play is roughly 37 seconds. During most tournaments you have 8 minutes to start your match once your name is called. Does this give you ample time to warm up? The answer is most likely not.


Perhaps the MOST NEGLECTED part of improving your game is the most important part-- FOOTWORK!  No matter how great your dinks, volleys, and groundstrokes, lazy/sluggish/slow/sloppy footwork will frequently result in loss of the point, and ultimately keep you “stuck” at your current skill level.

Making less errors and hitting with power is predicated on your body being in a balanced stance and positioned to hit the ball in your power/comfort zone, which is one foot in front and no farther than one foot to either side.