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Why you should care about what your paddle is made of

Part 2 - Surfaces

Many players (including pros) don’t understand what’s in a paddle so they don’t really know that a core or surface really is and WHY it makes a difference to THEM.

It’s not about the type of core or type of surface- it’s about the notion that there are different materials that affect the way their paddle performs and we are the ONLY company that offers this to every player.

How important is the mental game when it comes to playing in tournaments?

I think most pickleball players may not know the answer to that question. For me the answer is very simple. I come from a competitive tennis background and in tennis the mental game is very important and usually the difference between winning and losing.


Raising your skill level requires overcoming the false belief that powering the ball on every shot will win games.  The goal for increasing your skill is to first become patient and disciplined in playing a soft game, always anticipating the correct time to “power the shot for the win.” Achieve the “Pickleball PHD (patiently happy dinker/dropper).”  Sound boring?  Maybe at first; but when you discover how effective it is,and how many more winning points it produces, it will become “stunningly boring.”