Third Shot Drop

Anticipate Your Partner's 3rd Shot

March 05 2024

Chemistry plays a major part in the success of a doubles team. Two less-skilled players who work together can beat two highly-skilled players who don’t mesh on the court.

There are plenty of things you can do to help build chemistry with another player.

Where to Stand

We recommends the partner not hitting the third shot stand slightly ahead - as in closer to the net - than the player hitting the third. Since the player hitting the third will have the first judgment on the shot’s quality, the forward court position allows the partners to advance together on a good drop.

Of course, if that drop is no bueno, it’s important to retreat back and prepare to play defense. “You have to be able to make adjustments based on the shot your partner hits with their third.”

Partner Communication

Don’t be afraid to call your shot. You should be the first one on the court to know if your third is good or just average. So tell your partner. Say ‘Good’ or ‘Go’ and ‘Watch’ or ‘High’ on a bad one.

The more time they have to react, the better. You can move forward or back in the court to be best prepared for the next shot.

Body Langauge

Body language is another way to read your partner. Learn more on what to look for while your partner is hitting a third.

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