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Roll it Out!!

Dozens of studies have linked foam rolling with improved range of motion, flexibility, and mobility as well as reduced soreness. Done before a workout, it can act like a dynamic warmup — increasing circulation, loosening tight spots, and priming your body to move. After a workout, it can act like a sports massage — reducing muscular tension and flushing out toxins to help recovery.

Weight - what you don’t know can hurt your game but not as much as what you think you know

Weight seems to be a hot point with a lot of players - with many misconceptions. I can’t tell you how many times the first thing that comes out a player’s mouth is “What’s your lightest paddle?” Many pickleball players believe a light paddle is optimal - for their elbow, for their shoulder and for their reaction and performance. This is patently untrue for many reasons grounded in science, physics, logic and experience.