Third Shot Drop

Special edition carbon fiber series pickleball paddles

Third Shot Drop has developed an ultra high performance carbon fiber weave surface for each of our cores and shapes.

These carbon fiber weave surfaces were developed by our engineers to help advanced players control the spin on their shots and neutralize the drives that are becoming part of the game more and more.

These are ideal for players who want the ultimate control of the paddle’s response to all kinds of shots and attain maximum spin by holding the ball on the surface a fraction longer.

  • The Kratos Model B SE and Chaos Model B SE have Nomex cores which are very hard and provide a lot of pop. The new carbon fiber surfaces help tone down that power, bringing a greater level of control.
  • The Kratos Model E SE and Chaos Model E SE have aluminum cores which are softer and most suitable for the finesse player. Combine this core feel with the responsiveness of the carbon fiber weave and the soft feel allows amazing placement and touch.
  • The Kratos Model H SE and Chaos Model H SE are built on polymer cores. We have selected the optimal cell diameter and wall thickness and core thickness for the best balanced paddle available today. The Model H SE has power, control and now, a higher level of touch to craft shots that were never before possible

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Core: Aluminum
Surface Carbon Fiber
Shape: Chaos
Model E SE
Core: Aluminum
Surface Carbon Fiber
Shape: Kratos
Model E SE
Core: Aluminum
Surface Carbon Fiber
Shape: Kratos
Model E SE
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  • March 12 2022 04:18 PM Jesse Diaz

    Best investment I have made! I love the Kratos H Special Edition with 16mm polymer core and Triple Layer Carbon Fiber Diamond weave surface. It has definitely allowed me to hone in on my game and become a more rounded player. The ability to customize my own paddle speaks volumes when playing to my strengths and adjusting on my weaknesses. I just received my second paddle with a custom graphic and I LOVE it just the same. Now I am winning games while looking stylish. Jack was great in assisting with any inquiries I had. Will most definitely be ordering my 3rd paddle in the near future!

  • March 12 2022 12:21 PM Reed K (

    Jack, I am writing this review only because I tried 7 TSD paddles (Nomex/Graphite Chaos, Polymer/Graphite Chaos & Kratos, Polymer/Triple Layer Carbon Fiber Diamond Weave Chaos 11.5oz & 12.2oz and Kratos 9.2oz & 10.4oz. and my previous posts are old news. I currently have the Chaos 11.5 & 12.2 and Kratos go-to is the 12.2 Chaos paddle. I love the chaos width for dinking and blocking. The paddle is solid with weight behind it for blocks and power shots. Let the paddle do the work with less effort. My only negative is you lose some reach vs the kratos. And my only suggestion to your readers is to make sure Jack can make the paddle to your specs before you order because not everything is customizable.

  • March 06 2022 03:11 PM Kyle L. Smith
    The best paddle I have ever played with, Carbon Fiber H Kratos . Get them while you can! Time to advance to 4.5/5.0. Very excited since I now have the control, power and concistency in play.
  • March 06 2022 03:08 PM Kyle L. Smith
    The best paddle I have ever played with, Carbon Fiber H Kratos . Get them while you can! Time to advance to 4.5/5.0. Very excited since I now have the control, power and concistency in play.
  • December 18 2021 06:15 PM Tracy Thomas
    Back in November, I ordered the special edition Chaos model H. After ordering this custom build paddle, I received it in less than one week! This blew me away since I have ordered off the shelf paddles from other companies that have taken far longer to receive. I played with it for a couple of weeks and was so impressed that I ordered a second paddle. The amount of control this paddle has is fantastic and my game has improved dramatically. The customer service I have received from Jack in building my paddle and other questions was exceptional. Third Shot Drop has been great to work with. I highly recommend this paddle.
  • November 28 2021 04:25 AM Reed
    Hi Jack,
    Thanks for all your help in recent past for guiding me in the right direction to get a paddle that works for me. I am loving the Kratos H SE….I must say paddle weight makes a difference and you are the only one that has a logical approach to paddle weight. I am ordering my second Kratos H Special Edition right now.
  • November 28 2021 04:23 AM Tracy Thomas
    I got a chance to use my new Chaos H SE with the new diamond weave carbon fiber. The paddle is all I could have dreamed of. Great control on drop and dinks. I was able to re-direct several smash hits defensively. Simply amazing. Say the word and I will gladly follow your lead and order a second paddle like the first to break in at the same time. Thanks again for your help. I really appreciate it.
  • November 14 2021 06:11 AM Reed
    I’ve been playing with the Kratos H Special Edition for more than a week now. I can attest that a heavier weight paddle is better for my arthritic shoulder. I switched to my 7.7oz paddle and felt pain after a couple of games perhaps from over-swinging to produce more power. I also started making more unforced errors. One of the tournament players that I partnered with in a rec game even said he noticed I had a lot better ball control with the TSD. It’s an incredible paddle and I’ve played with them all. Ordering a second one today.
  • November 10 2021 12:10 PM Reed Kano
    I have the Chaos G SE and the Chaos B SE paddles. Love the touch and feel of the Chaos G SE Polymer core-graphite surface paddle 13mm core 4" grip. The Chaos B SE Nomex core-carbon fiber surface 11mm core 4" grip did not suit my style of play so I exhanged/traded the paddle for a Kratos G SE Polymer core-Graphite surface 11mm core 4" grip to get more power out of the paddle. Jack, the owner, is very responsive and has been very accommodating in getting me the right paddle. I also play with the Engage Pursuit MX and will be assessing how the Kratos G SE compares to the Pursuit.
  • November 07 2021 05:40 PM Bill

    The Kratos H Special Edition is fantastic. Several other players were asking me about the paddle. I even offered to let them try it out somewhat reluctantly, mid game, since I would not have one to play with. I made 3 more sales for you.

    I'm glad I made the switch