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TSD Custom Pickleball Paddles is the future of the fastest growing sport in America. Using advanced materials and breakthroughs in design, TSD challenges traditional off the shelf paddles. By enabling each player to design the perfect paddle for their game, TSD gives athletes new confidence to perform their best.

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Historically, paddle manufacturers have been selling you paddles that are easy and cheap for them to produce. Then they tell you a story about how “it’s the best paddle ever for you”.
We’re going to teach you how YOU can decide what’s best for YOU AND YOUR GAME.

Here’s the most basic information you need to make your first, and most important, decision when choosing your paddle.

What`s in your paddle?


Honeycomb core - There are 3 popular materials currently being used:

  • Aluminum– the softest (most touch)
  • Polymer– medium (most neutral)
  • Nomex– the hardest (most power)

The core determines about 75% of the paddle’s performance.

Surface (face, skin) – The 3 materials most used for paddle surfaces are:

  • Carbon Fiber (aka Carbon Fiber weave) – softest
  • Composite (aka Fiberglass) – medium
  • Graphite (aka non-woven Carbon Fiber) – hardest

The surface is used to fine tune how your paddle responds to the ball.

Finishing touches - These choices are what make your paddle fit you and your game precisely.  

They are customizations that are not generally available in all aspects from most manufacturers.  However, it is these factors that will immediately improve your game and help step up your confidence and skill level.

  • Grip shape – Most common are
    • oval
    • octagon (tennis)
    • square
  • Grip size – Should fit your hand/finger length; Sizes range from 4” to 5 ½” circumference
  • Paddle weight – Weights range from 7 ounces to 11 ounces. Although it’s a matter of personal preference, many pros recommend heavier weights for improved balance and control.


SO, now you are armed with the truth about paddles!

Hooray for you! You are now ready to get rid of all those “not-so-good guesses” taking space in your bag and replace them with an educated decision that will improve your game, raise your confidence and make your overall pickleball experience even better!   Can’t wait to see you on the courts!

Why we are different

There are well over 100 paddle manufacturers serving the pickleball industry. We are the ONLY custom paddle manufacturer in the world. In order to understand what it is we do and why it’s unique, it’s necessary to understand how a paddle is made.

Every paddle with few exceptions has a honeycomb core. The different companies in the industry use one of three different materials for the core- aluminum, polymer and Nomex. We use all three. The core provides 75% of the way a paddle performs.

Then the honeycomb core is sandwiched between two thin layers of surface materials. Again, the different companies in the industry use three different materials- graphite, fiberglass composite and carbon fiber. We use all three. The surface material is about 25% of the way a paddle performs. Think of it as fine tuning the paddle’s performance characteristics.

The three different core materials combined with the three different surface materials make 9 different combinations of materials. Each plays differently. We make two (soon to be three) different shapes for our paddles. The Chaos has a large square sweet spot- at 8 1/2”, it is the widest paddle on the market. The Kratos has an equally large rectangular shaped sweet spot. Each combination of cores and surfaces is available in both the Chaos and Kratos shape.

Then we give each player the opportunity to select their paddle’s weight (ranging from 7.4-10.5 ounces).

Now comes the grip. Players can choose one of three different handle shapes, their grip size from 3 7/8” to 6”, one of three different grip materials and more than 10 colors for each grip style.

Now that the player has chosen the best paddle shape, core, surface and grip for their individual game comes the fun part. We can put any custom graphic the player chooses on their paddle face- either one of our many choices or one of their own- a picture, logo or graphic of their choosing.

Now every player can play with a totally bespoke paddle and watch their game immediately improve because they are playing with the right paddle for them in every way.

Every other sport has specialized equipment for every player except pickleball. Not anymore- now pickleball is catching up to other sports. Pickleball players spend a lot of time playing the game they love. Now they can play with the gear that suits them and not be forced to use a one size fits all paddle.

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Pickleball Paddle Demonstration Day

June 30 2018 By: Third Shot Drop
Warner Center Tennis Center, 6336 Canoga Avenue, Woodland Hills, CA 91367

Bakersfield Paddle Demo Day

July 14 2018 By: Third Shot Drop

Arroyo Grande Demo Day

July 26 2018 By: Third Shot Drop
1221 Ash st., Arroyo Grande, CA 93420

Golden State Pickleball Championships

from: July 27 2018   until: July 29 2018 By: Third Shot Drop
Willow Pass Community Park Pickleball Complex, 2748 E Olivera Road, Concord, CA 94519
Coming Soon