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TSD Custom Pickleball Paddles is the future of the fastest growing sport in America. Using advanced materials and breakthroughs in design, TSD challenges traditional off the shelf paddles. By enabling each player to design the perfect paddle for their game, TSD gives athletes new confidence to perform their best.

We proudly offer discounts to military, law enforcement and first responders. Please contact us at


Historically, paddle manufacturers have been selling you paddles that are easy and cheap for them to produce. Then they tell you a story about how “it’s the best paddle ever for you”.
We’re going to teach you how YOU can decide what’s best for YOU AND YOUR GAME.

Here’s the most basic information you need to make your first, and most important, decision when choosing your paddle.

What`s in your paddle?


SO, now you are armed with the truth about paddles!

Hooray for you! You are now ready to get rid of all those “not-so-good guesses” taking space in your bag and replace them with an educated decision that will improve your game, raise your confidence and make your overall pickleball experience even better!   Can’t wait to see you on the courts!

Third Shot Drop BLOG

July 14 2024
Launch it Like a Pro

Grab a pickleball and head to the kitchen line. Your mission is simple: throw the ball so that it bounces at the opposing kitchen line. This drill might sound straightforward, but it's a great way to mimic the motion needed for a powerful overhead smash.

July 11 2024
Make Them Hit the More Difficult Shot

When teams are close in skill level, who wins and who loses can come down to which team plays more high-percentage shots or puts itself in better situations more often. When you’re playing a team that’s equal or better than you, you can win more often by forcing your opponents to repeatedly hit the more difficult shot throughout the match.

July 04 2024
Do You Paddle Track? You Should

What’s the ideal paddle-ready position? Take a moment. Do you know? Maybe you said, “Slightly backhand” or “Paddle straight up and down.” While these are great answers when standing neutral, the ideal ready position depends on where the ball is on the court.

June 23 2024
The Safest Place to Hit a Pickleball

In a recent podcast episode, James Ignatowich discusses his experience playing on the right side with Ben Johns at PPA Sacramento.

He says he learned a lot about playing that side – typically, he plays on the left in doubles – including how challenging it is for a right-side player to be aggressive on a ball that bounces in front of their inside (left) foot.

From Our Members

Testimonial from Sally
July 18 2023

Testimonial from Sally

Hi Jack!

I just want to let you know I haven't forgotten about you and returning the demo paddles. We've had a lot of rain here in Michigan but have been able to get out to try the paddles a few times just the same. My daughter and I definitely will each be ordering paddles and my brother as well...

Testimonial from Ed
April 04 2023

Testimonial from Ed


Thanks for the upgrade allowance.

The Chaos H Special Edition with Polymer Core and carbon fiber diamond weave surface has made a significant difference in my game.

Testimonial from Lawrence
February 27 2023

Testimonial from Lawrence

Jack this is Lawrence from Florida. I used the new Kratos H Special Edition paddle all morning. The carbon fiber diamond weave is incredible.