Third Shot Drop

Pickleball Paddles

The right Pickleball Paddle is the first step in becoming a great pickler, but you need what’s right for YOU! 

Choose from the six diverse Third Shot Drop styles like Nomex, Aluminum, and Carbon Fiber, or design your OWN paddle for maximum customizability.

Don’t get confused by words like Nomex, we’re here to help! Each paddle core is designed for different play styles. For example: Do you hit soft and move quickly? An Aluminum core is right for you! Like hitting harder but don’t want to dent your paddle? Polymer, Nomex, and Carbon Fiber cores will give you the most power and resistance to paddle damage, no matter the strength of your swing.

The Athena paddle combines a longer grip with a smaller overall paddle: It’s “all sweet spot,” perfect for those looking to improve their accuracy with a strong Polymer core. The Tyche Training Paddle is perfect for beginners, and the ideal tool for learning and refining. A Polymer core and Fiberglass Composite surface allow for easy control and a small sweet spot, preparing you for success with a larger paddle and eliminating mishits.

You might wonder: Can I get an even more specific paddle?

Yes, and it’s as easy as selecting “Design Your Paddle.” Options for a Kratos or Chaos shape determine the width and length of your custom paddle, with Core and Surface selection included. Next you’ll choose your paddle’s weight, grip colors, thickness, and Surface image. Not satisfied with the options? Just upload your own image!

There are many more options to tinker and experiment with, so customize as much as you want! Choose from six expertly-crafted designs, or design your own paddle: Whatever your choice, Third Shot Drop’s Pickleball Paddles are ready to improve your game. Get out there and start Pickling!