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The Awesome Benefits of Custom Pickleball Paddles

Springtime is upon us, which means only one thing — it’s time to shout “Pickle!” and give your buddies the most epic ace serve they’ve ever seen! But if you’re going to do that, you’ll need the right tool for the job; meaning a pickleball paddle that matches your.

Picking the Right Paddle Core for the Pickleball Win

With over 15,000 pickleball courts throughout the nation, it is safe to say that pickleball is here to stay. Invented in 1965 by a few dads trying to spice up their kid’s summer activities, pickleball is relatively new to the sports scene. Yet, it’s popularity is skyrocketing, in part, because persons of all ages and abilities can play. From the energetic schoolkid to the slightly slower moving senior citizen, pickleball has something to offer everyone. As with any sport rising in popularity, the technology to support the sport has come a long way over the past 5 decades. 

A Pickleball Player is Only as Good as their Pickleball Paddle

Try saying that title ten times fast and let us know how it turns out for you! While it is not quite, “Sally sells seashells down by the sea shore,” it is true to say that a pickleball player is only as good as their pickleball paddle. We are witnessing a season of explosive growth in pickleball with both young and old participants. Appropriately, the free market has responded with an explosive growth in the type of technology and quality of production in pickleball paddles. Meaning, the next time you go up against a pickleball foe, he or she might be wielding a paddle that outclasses what you’ve brought to the table. So you’re the type of pickleball player who hates to lose, let’s take a look at some of the most advanced pickleball paddles we’ve brought to the market to date.


As a relatively new pickleball player—I've been playing three days a week since October 2018— I've discovered a couple techniques that are working for me that too few other players have even tried, so I want to share them here.

Roll it Out!!

Dozens of studies have linked foam rolling with improved range of motion, flexibility, and mobility as well as reduced soreness. Done before a workout, it can act like a dynamic warmup — increasing circulation, loosening tight spots, and priming your body to move. After a workout, it can act like a sports massage — reducing muscular tension and flushing out toxins to help recovery.

Weight - what you don’t know can hurt your game but not as much as what you think you know

Weight seems to be a hot point with a lot of players - with many misconceptions. I can’t tell you how many times the first thing that comes out a player’s mouth is “What’s your lightest paddle?” Many pickleball players believe a light paddle is optimal - for their elbow, for their shoulder and for their reaction and performance. This is patently untrue for many reasons grounded in science, physics, logic and experience.

Joint Health with Pickleball

Pickleball can be a great way to get your heart rate up and your body moving. It combines running, jumping, extension and coordination, but unfortunately subjecting our joints to daily wear and tear can lead to injures. It’s imperative that pickleball players pay close attention to the care and protection of their joints.

Do you practice (rec) like you play (tourney)?

I think most pickleball players do NOT play recreational games the same way they play in tournaments. Yes, you are out there playing rec. games with your friends on a social level. The only problem is you might be learning bad habits when you are only giving 50-75% during practice.

Drill Baby, Drill!!

Want to become a better pickleball player? You have to be willing to expose your weaknesses rather than trying to hide them. To strengthen those weakness you need to repetitively practice them until they become strengths. Here are some of our favorite drills you can do on a weekly basis. We are sure that your game will improve by putting in the work. 

Is practicing (drilling) part of your tournament preparation?

I think most pickleball players will answer the question with a “No”. In my experience playing pickleball socially and competitively, I have seen that most players “play” more than they “practice”. Is it a pickleball thing? Maybe….. Probably…..



Many competitive players enter the court for their match with little or no thought to conditions of the weather, courts, and type of ball. IF CONDITIONS ARE NOT IDEAL, LOSERS COMPLAIN AND WINNERS ADJUST!

Reaction Time Drills

This is Ashley Roberts and I’m here to help you get Pickeball Fit. You are on the courts, you are competing (recreationally or in a tournament); you are competing and therefore, you are an athlete. So you better act like one! You better train like one!

Today we are going to talk about Reaction Time.

Why you should care about what your paddle is made of

Part 2 - Surfaces

Many players (including pros) don’t understand what’s in a paddle so they don’t really know that a core or surface really is and WHY it makes a difference to THEM.

It’s not about the type of core or type of surface- it’s about the notion that there are different materials that affect the way their paddle performs and we are the ONLY company that offers this to every player.

How important is the mental game when it comes to playing in tournaments?

I think most pickleball players may not know the answer to that question. For me the answer is very simple. I come from a competitive tennis background and in tennis the mental game is very important and usually the difference between winning and losing.


Raising your skill level requires overcoming the false belief that powering the ball on every shot will win games.  The goal for increasing your skill is to first become patient and disciplined in playing a soft game, always anticipating the correct time to “power the shot for the win.” Achieve the “Pickleball PHD (patiently happy dinker/dropper).”  Sound boring?  Maybe at first; but when you discover how effective it is,and how many more winning points it produces, it will become “stunningly boring.”