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May 23 2024
Trouble Ending the Point?

In tennis, an overhead from the frontcourt is a point-ender. In pickleball, not so much. It may take 5, 6, 7 overheads to win a point. Sometimes that’s not even enough, and you’re left with a ball in the net and a really sore shoulder.

May 19 2024
From Tennis to Pickleball

Tennis players have an inherent advantage when it comes to playing pickleball for the first time. But not every racquet skill is applicable on the short court.

May 09 2024
Where to Send Your Returns

The biggest key when returning a serve is to keep it deep. Keep the other team back to maintain your positional advantage.

1. One of the most popular spots on the court to send the return is down the middle. Not exactly on the ‘T’, however, it’s a good idea to aim just to the left of the ‘T’, (assuming both opponents are right-handed).

May 07 2024
A 5.0 Level Skill Anyone Can Develop

One of the biggest gaps in strategy and technique between 4.0- and 5.0-level players is that 5.0s can execute strong fourth (and sixth) shots that keep their opponents back off the kitchen line.

May 05 2024
Five Huge Mistakes You’re Making

We all have blind spots in our games and sometimes make mistakes we don’t even know we’re making. That’s why you subscribe to The Dink.

Here are five huge mistakes you’re making on the courts without even knowing it:

May 02 2024
Drive for Show, Drop for Dough

The pro pickleball game is becoming faster and faster, and third-shot drops are becoming less common. On the PicklePod, pro Zane Navratil admitted that he drops the ball about “zero percent” of the time.

Instead, he focuses on hybrid drop/drives (about 40 percent of the time) and drives (about 60 percent of the time).

April 30 2024
How to Properly Warm Up Your Body and Mind Before Taking the Pickleball Court

If you are an avid pickleball player, odds are you have played a competitive game of some sort, whether it’s a local moneyball, a charity event, or even a PPA or APP-sanctioned tournament.

If you haven’t, maybe you are starting to consider it.

April 28 2024
Lessons from a million dinks

PicklePod co-host Zane Navratil has hit a million dinks in practice so you don’t have to. He provides a shortcut to the lessons learned on his journey here:

1. Ready Position
When training, Zane suggests holding a ball in your off-hand to make sure you come back to ready position between shots

April 25 2024
Why you should have a paddle eraser in your pickleball bag

A paddle eraser a handy tool to help you keep your pickleball paddle clean of debris, ensuring better contact between the ball and the paddle during your games. We'll unravel the mystery of the pickleball paddle eraser, explaining how to use it, how it is made, and whether it's safe to use repeatedly on your pickleball paddles.

April 14 2024
A Stickler for the Rules

Kitchen violations happen constantly in pickleball. Everyone steps on the line at one point or another, but somehow no one believes they’re ever guilty. It’s a weird phenomenon where by the time your eyes look down at your shoe, it’s magically slid backward off of the line and provided justification for your defense.

April 11 2024
Keys to Executing a Perfect Midcourt Reset

One of the most important and difficult shots in pickleball is resetting the ball from the midcourt. It must be executed to near perfection, otherwise your opponents will be able to continue to attack you and keep you from the kitchen. Being able to hit consistent resetting drops from the midcourt is a crucial skill to have when progressing up the pickleball ratings ladder.

March 19 2024
Stop Getting Your Partner Bagged

Pickleball partnerships commonly lead to friendships, unless you’re the player constantly responsible for getting your partner bodybagged. Once or twice in a game is alright but three, four, or five is a good way to make sure you two never partner up again. The most common scenario for this pickle faux pas is while cross-court dinking.

March 10 2024
The Untold Secret About Third Shot Drops

By this point in your pickleball journey landing a successful dink should be quite easy. An area where you might still be having trouble is landing third shots with the same consistency as pros. Ultimately, a drop from the baseline is theoretically the same as a dink. Your stroke should look the same for a drop. 

March 05 2024
Anticipate Your Partner's 3rd Shot

Chemistry plays a major part in the success of a doubles team. Two less-skilled players who work together can beat two highly-skilled players who don’t mesh on the court.

There are plenty of things you can do to help build chemistry with another player.

March 03 2024
The Case For the Middle Dink

You're in a dink war. The temptation to up the ante on each shot is great. You push yourself to the brink of the dink (pace, spin, angles), hoping your opponent will fold. It's a matter of pride. A battle of ego. The message: 'I can out-dink you all - day - long buddy.' But every time you up the ante, you up the risk. Your pride left the back door open, and in comes unforced errors.

February 29 2024
Three Keys to Go From 4.0 to 4.5

Have you reached a plateau? Think your game is as good as it's going to get?

Here are the best tips for moving past the 4.0 plateau.

1. Use the drive as a situational third shot, not necessarily your “go-to”

Listen, I love to drive as much as the next guy. A player with a killer drive can be almost impossible to stop when they are hot...