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Polymer Core with Composite Surface

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The Athena is made for players who want a very light extra long handled paddle with a lot of whip and power and that’s all sweet spot.

The Athena has a Polymer Core and Composite Surface.

This paddle is ideal for soft to medium hitting players looking for a balanced paddle with touch, but a bit more power to put the ball away.

The honeycomb Polymer core provides power performance, yet gives soft control for the touch shots. The Polymer core is the quietest due to being slightly less deflective, which also helps players with a little extra control since players have a split-second longer to manipulate the ball.

The Composite surface takes full advantage of the latest aerospace materials composite technology, featuring an incredible combination of touch, feel, and strength. It provides players with a bit more power than the other surfaces. The long handle provides extra “whip” to hit those power drives and is ideal for players with two-handed backhands.

Comes with a standard 4 3/8” tennis (octagonal) handle, flat grip, and light weight range in the mid 7 ounce range. The handle is an extra long 5 1/2”, the addle face is 8” wide and the paddle is 16” long.

Like all TSD paddles, it is USAPA Approved.

Athena is the Greek Goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, strategic warfare, strength, strategy, and skill. The is the perfect paddle for all facets of your game

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