Third Shot Drop

ATP Perfection

May 22 2023

The ATP is one of the most beautiful shots in pickleball. It's hard to find one more beautiful than a match-ender to advance to the gold medal.

Let's break this shot down so you can start ending matches in style, too.

On this ATP, like any other, the key is patience. Our ATP rule of thumb: wait as long as you can. And then wait a little longer. Every inch the ball travels outside of the post makes your job easier. Get comfortable letting the ball drop close to the ground.

Crossover Step.
the attacker steps across his body and loads his weight onto his right foot. On the backhand side, the crossover step allows him to extend his reach out wide and low to the ground.

Follow through.
The ball is so low to the ground on this shot that Rob has to lift it and shape it into the back corner. Pay attention to the follow-through on the shot. You need to lift up and around the outside of the ball.

What takes this shot to the next level is placement.

Good players play decent ATP defense: close to the sideline and deep in the court. But even in this ideal position, they can't defend a perfect placement in the back corner of the court. Now get out there and let it fly. The only way to get better at this shot is to practice.

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