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Court Position Visualization

October 23 2023

For those of us who are visual learners, here is a series of graphics to visualize optimal court coverage.

You’ve heard it a million times: “Partners should move like they’re connected with a string.” Well, here you can see why that is important.

  • When the ball is in zone one, you (player 1) are responsible for protecting your sideline. Your partner (player 2) slides over to protect the middle of the court.
  • When the ball is in zone two, you and your partner return to a more neutral position, evenly spaced to equally guard against attacks down the middle or dinks out wide.
  • When the ball is in zone three, you and your partner are in the opposite arrangement from zone one. Now, they’re in charge of the sideline and it’s up to you to protect the middle.

These visuals are great for seeing the perspective from both sides of the court.

The white cones are the viable angles for an attack.The red portions represent low-percentage attack zones or angles where a slower dink would need to be played.

  • The white portions are the parts of the court that need to be protected.
  • The red areas are less of a concern.
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