Third Shot Drop

Drop and Drive in the Same Point

February 10 2023

Time to choose: third shot drive or third shot drop?

Either answer works. You're both right. What you need to remember is: just because you chose one or the other, you're not stuck with that decision.

One stubborn mistake players make, myself included, is that once we decide on a third shot drive, we can't stop. We follow it up with a fifth shot drive and seventh shot drive.

Just because you drove the third does not mean the whole point needs to follow suit. Go ahead, drive your third, but as the ball leaves your paddle, you should evaluate the following:

  • How well you hit it
  • How your opponent reacts
  • Your court position

Then it's time to choose again.

Don't let the rush of hitting the last drive dictate your next shot. Evaluate the situation and make the smart play. If the ball is short and high, drive again. If it's low and at your feet, switch it up and hit a drop.

Change it up and keep your opponents off balance.

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