Third Shot Drop

A Favorite Target for Third Shot Drops

January 24 2023

Where do you hit your third shot drop? Middle? Sideline? Or do you just close your eyes and hope for the best?

Many top players recommend targeting the backhand of the left-side player.

Less Offense - For most players, their backhand attacks are less effective than their forehand. Playing to their backhand allows for a safer advance toward the kitchen line. 

No backup - With two right-handers, there is always a forehand lurking in the middle. If you try to target the other player's backhand, it might be intercepted by their partner's forehand. Although this is a favorite and effective location to land a third, it does come with some inherent risks.

Out of bounds - There is less room for error when hitting to this location. If you're a little off to the right, the ball bounces out and the point is over.

Erne Threat - This location is also dangerous if your opponent is an erne threat. A ball close to the sideline is a prime erne candidate.

That makes dropping from the cross-court angle a safer bet.

If you hit it well, you can expect them to concede their advantage and dump a dink cross-court. If you hit it perfectly, you'll be rewarded with a pop-up or a ball into the net

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