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Five Huge Mistakes You’re Making

May 05 2024

We all have blind spots in our games and sometimes make mistakes we don’t even know we’re making. That’s why you subscribe to The Dink.

Here are five huge mistakes you’re making on the courts without even knowing it:

No. 1 - You don’t warm up properly

It’s not your fault that you think warmups are boring and stupid. They are, but they are also necessary. Next time you’re about to take the court, commit to one extra movement, even if it’s just arm circles.

No. 2 - You stand too close to the baseline

Any time you have to back up before taking a shot, you’re infinitely more likely to screw it up. Instead of risking an awkward shot with poor technique, start one or two steps farther back. Your DUPR score will thank you for it.

No. 3 - You care too much about winning

No one wants to feel like a loser. But do you know who the true pickleball losers are? The ones who go 7-0 in rec play, but are at the exact same skill level they were six months ago. Focus on improving over winning.

No. 4 - You only do what you’re already good at

Cool, cool – you like to run around your forehand because your backhand is trash? Stop it. If you never practice the shots you’re bad at, you’ll never get better at them. If you can’t hit a bad shot in rec play, when can you?

No. 5 - You’re too hard on yourself

Watch a pro match next time you feel like you make too many mistakes. Count how often they hit the ball into the net or smoke a drive against the back wall. It happens more than you think. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Pickleball is harder than you think.

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