Third Shot Drop

How to handle the drop shot

January 30 2023

You and your partner are back by the baseline. Your opponents get cheeky and sprinkle a drop shot in the kitchen.

The alarms go off and you sprint for the dropper. You make it to the descending ball just in the nick of time.

Here's where things get interesting. The pitfall that beginners fall into is making it all the way to the ball, then popping it up - straight up to their opponent, only to have it smashed back at their face.

In this critical moment, you need to remember three things:

Soften the grip. Your forward momentum is going to make the ball carry farther than expected. Soften your grip and give the shot a little less oomph than on a stationary shot.

Play the angle. Use the width of the court. Push the ball cross-court to allow more room for error.

Pump the brakes. If possible, slow down before hitting the shot. Running through the ball will leave you out of position for the next ball. Slowing down will result in a more controlled shot and easier recovery to stay in the point.

Don't panic next time you see the drop. Stay calm and put this tip back into play.

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