How important is the mental game when it comes to playing in tournaments?

I think most pickleball players may not know the answer to that question. For me the answer is very simple. I come from a competitive tennis background and in tennis the mental game is very important and usually the difference between winning and losing.

In tennis most players have all the shots and most players are in the same peak physical condition. But why is it that a small number of players win most tournaments over and over again. The answer is very simple, the “mental game”. The same goes for pickleball!

Pickleball is a sport that requires a very high level of concentration. Each shot you choose and execute is under the microscope. This makes the “mental game” even more important.

If you lose your concentration for a split second, more than likely you miss the shot.

If you lose your concentration for more than a second, more than likely you and your partner could lose a string of points in a row.

How do you get a mental edge over your opponents?

There are 3 factors that I believe can help get you there.

  1. Confidence
  2. The feeling or belief that you are going to win no matter what.

  3. Concentration
  4. The action or power of focusing all of your attention on one thing.

  5. Attitude
  6. The positive way of thinking that is reflected in your behavior.

A true champion always believes they are going to win, is always laser-focused and has a positive attitude when faced with adversity.

And don’t forget to always practice like you play. Good habits begin on the practice courts and continue on to the gold medal matches.

Ryan Trefry “Tref”

Team TSD


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