Third Shot Drop

Keys to Executing a Perfect Midcourt Reset

April 11 2024

One of the most important and difficult shots in pickleball is resetting the ball from the midcourt.

It must be executed to near perfection, otherwise your opponents will be able to continue to attack you and keep you from the kitchen. Being able to hit consistent resetting drops from the midcourt is a crucial skill to have when progressing up the pickleball ratings ladder.

Here are five keys to executing the perfect reset:

  1. Keep your butt and paddle down
  2. Open the paddle face and get under the ball
  3. Absorb the majority of the pace
  4. Aim resets cross-court and middle
  5. Never drive more than once

Now that you know the keys, think about which one are you not following. Chances are you break at least one of these rules routinely.

All five keys will help increase your odds of landing a ball safely in the kitchen. Give yourself the best chance to survive and get the point back to neutral.

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