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Move With Your Partner

November 21 2023

Moving with your partner is a crucial part of pickleball. The old adage “Down the middle solves the riddle” is popular because it is true.

Creating a gap between players and then exploiting the gap is one of the best ways to win a point.

Of course, you have heard the advice “Pretend there is a string connected to you and your partner.” If they move left to cover the line you should also move left to cover the middle.

But how long should that piece of string be?

  • Teaching pros suggest that spry players can leave 9-10 ft between partners
  • For those that don’t move as well, it’s recommended using a 6-8 ft gap to help reduce the space left open down the middle

If you don’t move well, it’s advantageous to keep the ball in the middle of the court. This cuts down on the angles your opponents can use to attack.

There are a lot of factors that go into doubles court coverage.

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