Third Shot Drop

One if by Air, Two if by Bounce

September 05 2023

The decision to hit the ball out of the air vs off the bounce is a core tenant of pickleball. Forcing the opponent to make the wrong decision is one of the quickest ways to win a point.

You know you should reach into the kitchen and take balls out of the air. But the skeptic in you still takes over and convinces you to back off the line and take balls off the bounce.

The ability to make the right decision comes with experience and practice.

But let’s be honest, you need to beat George at the park this weekend. So let’s talk shortcuts.

All Things Pickleball has a great suggestion to accelerate the learning process.

She demonstrates a game called ‘Protect the Castle

  • Line up across from your partner, both at the kitchen line.
  • Drop a cone, bottle, or hat in the kitchen, about a foot inside the line. This is your castle.
  • Dink and volley back and forth attempting to hit each other’s castle and protect your own.

The visual aid in this game helps motivate you to take more balls out of the air. It’s a skill you need to develop if you want to play at a higher level.

Remember the further you reach into the kitchen the higher you can contact the ball. High contact and hitting down on the ball is the best way to keep the advantage in the point.

Give this game a try and reply to this email with your results.

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