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Picking the Right Paddle Core for the Pickleball Win

October 20 2019
Third Shot Drop
Picking the Right Paddle Core for the Pickleball Win

With over 15,000 pickleball courts throughout the nation, it is safe to say that pickleball is here to stay. Invented in 1965 by a few dads trying to spice up their kid’s summer activities, pickleball is relatively new to the sports scene. Yet, it’s popularity is skyrocketing, in part, because persons of all ages and abilities can play. From the energetic schoolkid to the slightly slower moving senior citizen, pickleball has something to offer everyone. As with any sport rising in popularity, the technology to support the sport has come a long way over the past 5 decades. So it might be helpful to walk through the technology one piece at a time. For the purpose of this article, we’re going to focus on the core. That’s the backbone of a pro paddle and picking the right one might just set you up for future pickleball glory. Let’s jump right in.

What’s in a Pickleball Core?

You might not realize it because you don’t commonly see the core, but the inner guts of a paddle known as the core accounts for 75% of the paddle’s performance. The surface, or the skin of the paddle, shapes how the paddle responds to the ball. Meanwhile, the finer details like grip shape, grip size, and overall weight of the paddle are just about what makes the paddle uniquely yours.

By far, the best pickleball in existence is the one that feels right for you. That’s why we offer just about every variation known to man. Make the decision on which pickleball paddle to choose a personal one and you’ll be more in control of your shot. Now, all cores are laid out in a honeycomb fashion, but it is in the material that rests the secret to your personal success. If you understand the attributes of each, you’ll know how to make the right choice.

Aluminum, Polymer, and Nomex

The three most popular materials being used in the honeycomb core are aluminium, polymer and nomex. We suppose you could make the core out of something else, but there is likely a reason you don’t see a lot of steel cores out there. Too heavy and a little unnecessary. Functionally, each material offers a different function. You can sort through your paddles by core material once you know what they do.

For example, let’s say you are looking for max power. We’d recommend you go with a nomex core as it is the hardest material that offers the most power.  Then again, perhaps you would prefer a little more finesse and touch on the ball. If that’s the case, you are going to want an aluminum core. Finally, if you just want a jack of all trades, then you’ll want to lean towards a polymer core. We’ve even offered you a complete guide here, so you can identify the right combination of material for the perfect match that will lead you down the path towards pickleball glory.

Pickleball Glory Awaits with the Right Paddle

At the end of the day, we don’t really care how you pickleball, just so long as you do. It’s a fascinating game with potential to bring joy and exercise to all. In that regard we are preaching to ourselves. Third Shop Drop has its roots in a company that manufactured quality baseball bats used by over 300 Major League players today. Now, pickleball is our passion and we bring the same quality approach this new venture. Pickleball glory awaits you my friends and it all starts right here today with the right paddle core. 


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