Third Shot Drop

A Pickleball Player is Only as Good as their Pickleball Paddle

August 21 2019
Third Shot Drop
A Pickleball Player is Only as Good as their Pickleball Paddle

Try saying that title ten times fast and let us know how it turns out for you! While it is not quite, “Sally sells seashells down by the sea shore,” it is true to say that a pickleball player is only as good as their pickleball paddle. We are witnessing a season of explosive growth in pickleball with both young and old participants. Appropriately, the free market has responded with an explosive growth in the type of technology and quality of production in pickleball paddles. Meaning, the next time you go up against a pickleball foe, he or she might be wielding a paddle that outclasses what you’ve brought to the table. So you’re the type of pickleball player who hates to lose, let’s take a look at some of the most advanced pickleball paddles we’ve brought to the market to date.

Understanding Pickleball Paddle Tech

At first glance, a pickleball paddle seems like an odd marriage between a tennis racquet and a ping pong paddle. However, when you dig a little deeper you will see there is a lot more going on with Pickleboard Technology than meets the eye. At its core is what is known as the Honeycomb Core. It is typically made of one of three materials. An aluminum core is the softest and offers the most touch. A polymer core pretty average while a nomex core is the hardest and offers the most power.

From there you move out to the surface. Here you again have three options. Carbon fiber skin is the softest while composite (aka fiberglass) offers a medium touch while graphite is the hardest. Those two components are pretty standard in pickleball paddles and after that it becomes more about personal preference. Choosing the grip shape and size should be a very personal matter to each pickleball player. You can also decide how much weight you want to swing with pickleball paddles ranging from 7 to 11 ounces. Find the sweet spot and you’ll be on your way to pickleball glory. Now let’s talk about some of the paddle options you have right now.

To Chaos or to Kratos

The above headline sounds like a multiple choice question on your Greek exam, but we are simply talking about two distinctly different pickleball paddles. The Chaos Pickleball Paddle is one of the widest paddles on the market today. Measuring 8 and ½ inches in width and 15 ½ inches in length, it has a huge sweet spot ready for action. As mentioned earlier, you can choose between the various core and skin technology to suit your individual playing style. Whether you are looking for more power or better ball placement, there is a combination of technology that will leave you with the right paddle in your hands.

Next, we have the Kratos Pickleball Paddle series. The Kratos comes with an elongated shape and an enlarged rectangular sweet spot. Just like with the Chaos, you can choose between the various core and skin options to personalize your paddle. Finally, for those looking to full customize your experience, you can design your paddle from scratch with our custom menu. You’ll still be choosing between the Chaos and Kratos base, but from the core technology to the aesthetics, this paddle will truly be yours. Moreover, all of our pickleball paddles are made right here in the USA for the great American pickleball player. Remember, a pickleball player is only as good as their perfect pickleball paddle. Pick the right pickleball paddle and you’ll be on your way to pickleball glory. 

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