Third Shot Drop

Position Yourself to Defend

March 20 2023

Picture this: You or your partner pop a ball up to your opponent. The alarm bells go off and you begin to retreat. Your goal is to get to the baseline to play some defense.

One common mistake players make is forgetting to split step when retreating.

While trying to approach the kitchen after a third, it's imperative to:

  • Stop forward progress with a split step
  • Field the ball
  • Start moving forward again

Well, the same applies to retreating.

As you move backward during your opponent's shot, lateral movement is more of a challenge, and so is maintaining balance. Unforced errors are more likely.

To combat this, you need to repeat the steps above. When your opponent is swinging:

  • Stop backward progress with a split step
  • Make a play on the ball

Now you can judge if your defensive shot was a success. If so, move forward, if not, retreat again.

Next time you're scrambling to recover from a high ball, remember to hold your ground during the retreat. Spilt step and give yourself a better chance at keeping the point alive.

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