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A Pro Secret to a Better Backhand Flick

January 11 2023
A Pro Secret to a Better Backhand Flick

The backhand flick is a shot that separates the men/women from the boys/girls on the pickleball court. The flick is a backhand roll shot that is used to attack an opponent. It is typically deployed as a speedup volley during a dink battle.

It is one of the last shots players master, and some pros still feel like they don't have it down. What makes the shot so difficult is the ball is usually attacked from slightly below the net level.

Many players explain their secret to mastering the backhand flick comes from table tennis/ping pong. Try a little cross-training on the table tennis table to perfect the flick.

When hitting backhands in ping pong, It's that same motion, it's the same upward roll. If you can just dial that in, it really helps.

If you're struggling to incorporate the backhand flick, maybe it's time to step off the court for a minute and belly up to the ping-pong table. Rip some balls off the wall like Forrest Gump before your next match.

It will pay off next time you’re at the NVZ/kitchen.

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