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Protect Your Left Foot

June 11 2024

Your left foot is one of your biggest vulnerabilities on the court. A ball down there is impossible to attack and easy to make a mistake with.

If you watch the pro game you will see dink after dink hit to the left foot of the right-sided player. It is one of the safer and more effective spots to hit a dink.

A well-placed dink at this location will not only be tough to attack, but it will force the player to back off the kitchen line. This is a win (albeit small) for the player hitting the shot.

Protect Yourself

Now that you know your foot can be a target, it’s time to talk defense. The best way to protect your foot is to lean in and be aggressive.

Intercept that dink as a volley and make them think twice about aiming here. The volley doesn’t need to be a speedup. Push the ball toward a sideline, try to get them moving, and flip the point in your favor.

Call for Backup

Another option is to bring your partner into the mix. In most scenarios, the left-side player’s forehand will be able to protect the left foot of the right-side player.

Make a plan with your partner:

  • “If they dink here twice in a row, then step in and poach the third one.”
  • “If you see me get forced off the line, move towards the middle and take the next ball.”

Remember this tactic is being used by your opponent to force you into a mistake. Just stay composed and keep the point alive.

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