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Shorten That Backswing

December 17 2022
Shorten That Backswing

Newton's Second Law: the acceleration of an object depends on the mass of the object and the amount of force applied. It's important to keep this top of mind when switching from tennis to pickleball.

A pickleball is less than half the mass of a tennis ball. According to Sir Issac, that means half the force is required to accelerate the ball to the same speed. So why are you winding up like you're Rafa Nadal on your forehand drive?

Tennis pros shorten their backswing to make the adjustment from fuzz to plastic. A backswing 25% the size of their tennis stroke can be more effective than a full tennis backswing.

This accomplishes two things:

Consistency - A shorter swing is more consistent. "The bigger the swing, the more variables there are."

Quicker Load Time - Because of the smaller court, there is less time in between shots in pickleball. A shorter backswing helps you prepare for the next shot.

Keep the swing compact and focus on the trajectory of your drive instead of trying to power through opponents.

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