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Stop Getting Your Partner Bagged

March 19 2024

Pickleball partnerships commonly lead to friendships, unless you’re the player constantly responsible for getting your partner bodybagged. Once or twice in a game is alright but three, four, or five is a good way to make sure you two never partner up again. The most common scenario for this pickle faux pas is while cross-court dinking. 

Unfortunately, your partner is going to pay the price for any mistake you make cross-court.

Here’s the example. You’re in a cross-court dink rally with your opponent. You want to show them who is boss and land a dink outside their left foot to send them scrambling.

Your miscalculated angle leaves the ball too high for too long. They lean forward and flick it out of the air and into your partner’s chest. If this sounds like you, then it’s time to stop. Don’t try to win the point on one dink. Instead, change the angle so the dink is more shallow in the kitchen. 

The goal is to get them on the move and win the point from a series of dinks. Push them out wide then back to the middle. If you’re not hitting an attack then your shot needs to be unattackable. Your partner will thank you.

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