Third Shot Drop

The Untold Secret About Third Shot Drops

March 10 2024

By this point in your pickleball journey landing a successful dink should be quite easy. An area where you might still be having trouble is landing third shots with the same consistency as pros.

Ultimately, a drop from the baseline is theoretically the same as a dink. Your stroke should look the same for a drop.

Some players overcomplicate their drop because of the distance from the net. But only one thing has to change to account for the distance: Your forward swing.

A dink from the kitchen line, a drop from the mid-court and a drop from the baseline should all look the same.

  • A short compact backswing
  • Keep the ball in front of your body
  • Aim to have the ball land at your opponent’s feet

From the baseline, moves your paddle faster through the ball and lengthen your follow through. In the mid-court, the paddle speed slows a bit and the follow through shortens. And the same applies when you reach the kitchen line.

If your consistency on thirds is still below the 90 percent level, stop thinking of them as the most difficult shot in pickleball. Start treating them like your average dink.

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