Third Shot Drop

Tommy Tomahawk

March 06 2023

Class please say 'Hello' to Tommy. Tommy say 'Hello' to the class. Tommy Tomahawk may be the new kid in pickleball but according to Zane Navratil, the Tomahawk is not going anywhere.

Navratil explained the number one reason you should be tomahawking: Additional inches of reach.

The Tomahawk shot is a replacement for the backhand overhead. It is used to smash a ball high on the backhand side.

To execute:

Hold the paddle up like you're prepping for a backhand volley

Turn your wrist toward your body like you're trying to read your watch, the paddle will rotate nearly 180 degrees

Reach up toward your backhand shoulder and smash any ball that enters the new No Fly Zone

According to Navratil, the wrist rotation allows for an additional 4-5 inches of reach and "additional inches are great". He must be talking about height. From this position, you can snap your wrist more effectively and reach the ball when it is further into the kitchen.

We also appreciate the added power and angle possibilities that the shot provides. Not looking like an uncoordinated ballerina while swinging at a backhand overhead is a win as well.

It's time folks. Time to welcome Tommy with open arms.

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