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Trouble Ending the Point?

May 23 2024

In tennis, an overhead from the frontcourt is a point-ender. In pickleball, not so much.

It may take 5, 6, 7 overheads to win a point. Sometimes that’s not even enough, and you’re left with a ball in the net and a really sore shoulder.

Rarely is it the case that more power is the right answer. Of course, landing the ball close to the baseline is a good solution, but it comes with added risk.

A safer approach is to add spin to your overhead.

Just like your groundstrokes, you can add topspin or slice to your overhead. This will come naturally for players with a spin serve in tennis.

For both approaches, you will want to lead with the edge of the paddle. Remember, you’re not aiming to make flush contact with the paddle face. An Eastern grip will make it easier to add spin to your overhead.

For topspin

  • Brush over the top of the ball and snap your wrist down through contact

For slice

  • Cut under the ball at about 5 on the clock face as you snap through the overhead

It doesn’t take much spin to do the trick. You just need enough to catch your opponent off guard. If they have to account for speed, placement anddifferent spins, you’ve greatly increased your chances of winning the point.

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