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January 14 2019
Ryan Trefry
TSD Tournament Play Blog

How important is warming up during a tournament?

I think most pickleball players rarely spend enough time warming up during recreation play, but do they spend enough time warming up during a tournament. The average warm up during recreation play is roughly 37 seconds. During most tournaments you have 8 minutes to start your match once your name is called. Does this give you ample time to warm up? The answer is most likely not.

Warm up strategy to use at a tournament.

Start of a tournament

  • Show up at least 1 hour before your 1st match is scheduled.
  • Give yourself 15-20 minutes to warm up each shot.
  • 3rd shot drops, 3rd shot drives, no-man’s land drops, volleys, overheads, reflexes, dinks (cross court/down the line), serves.
  • Play at least 1 practice game in order to get the feel of game play.
  • Play like it is actual tournament play.

During a tournament

  • Try to stay warm during the day while you are waiting for your next match.
  • If your wait times are greater than 30 minutes try to warm up on a practice court before your match is called.
  • Follow the Wait List to find out when you will be playing next.

Before a Gold Medal Match

  • Usually you are waiting 1-2 hours for the consolation bracket to catch up.
  • 30 minutes prior to when your Gold Medal Match starts you should complete a full warm up of all your shots similar to your “Start of a tournament” warm up.
  • In addition, you should play practice points to keep the feel of game play.

A good warm up will not guarantee you win all your matches, but it will help you avoid slow starts and early unforced errors.

Ryan Trefry “Tref”

Team TSD

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