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Ways to Conquer the Soft Game

February 17 2023

The most frustrating players to play against are the ones who beat you in the soft game. Here are some great tips to make sure you come out on top when the game slows down:

  • Create pressure with your positioning - Squeezing tight to the kitchen line can make the NVZ look smaller. If you're picking balls out of the air, they will have less time to react and recover between shots.
  • Connect in front - Keeping the ball in front of you is ideal for consistent, controlled dinks.
  • Keep it simple - Speaking of consistentcy, limit your motion when possible to a swing from the shoulder, which is all that is required in many situations.
  • Small back-swing - It's pickleball, not golf. No trophies for distance here.
  • Light grip pressure - I'd move this to number one in my book. When the pressure is on, the tendency is to tighten up and SQUEEZE the paddle. Keep it loose and breathe.
  • Stay focused - ADHD can take over in a long dink rally. Try to stay patient and wait for a time to strike.
  • Learn slice - Slice is a weapon in the dink game. Adding spin to the ball makes life difficult for your opponent. It changes how the ball bounces and how it reacts off their paddle.

There you go, 7 tips to neutralize the soft game. Write them down where you won't forget them next time you hit the courts.

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