Third Shot Drop

When You’re on the Ropes

August 28 2023

We covered the three states of pickleball in our last blog post. Now, let's go over how to react in these scenarios.


  • Create space - Back up, move away from the kitchen line to give yourself more time to react to the next shot.
  • Make it bounce - Land the ball in the kitchen to give yourself time to recover and improve court position before their next shot.
  • Flip the point - Get back to neutral or offense instead of trying to hit high risks winners.


  • Keep the advantage - Push the odds further in your favor. Keep them back in the court. Hit the ball at their feet to force a mistake, or into the open court for a winner.
  • Close the gap - Get all the way to the kitchen line, lean in to eliminate more space.


  • Hold your ground - Focus on not surrendering a high ball or dead dink.
  • Create an advantage - Increase dink complexity to create an advantage. Force an off-balanced shot or a ball at their feet.
  • OR
  • Wait them out - Wait for the other team to attack early or make a dink error.

Shot selection doesn’t need to be difficult. Start playing smart pickleball and watch the wins roll in.

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