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Which grip are you using?

February 03 2023

Pickleball/tennis grip names are the worst. Continental, Eastern, Semi-Western...are we holding a paddle, or joining Magellan's next expedition?

A lot of players are ready to bid adieu to one of the most confusing grips, the continental grip.

"The CG is found when the V of your hand (between your thumb and index finger) is right on top of the paddle handle...similar to how a person might hold a hammer.”

While many think the continental grip is on the way out, let the record show that it’s the most common grip used by pickleball players.

The standard Continental grip was a common part of any pickleball curriculum but advancements in paddle technology and the prevalence of topspin have made the eastern grip popular.

With the eastern grip, the palm is more parallel to the face of the paddle. This adds strength through contact and is more natural for the topspin stroke.

One weakness of the eastern grip is less backhand power. A growing number of players are switching to a two-handed backhand which mitigates that concern.

Next time you finish a point, take a look down at your grip. Are you shaking hands with your paddle (eastern) or wielding it like Thor's Hammer (continental)? Shake hands and play nice; a small change could make a big impact.

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