Third Shot Drop

Why TSD will Definitely make you a better player

December 24 2018
Third Shot Drop
Why TSD will Definitely make you a better player
There are so many paddles each pickleball player has to choose from.
Some are suited for them, others are not.
We hear over and over from players - “I already have 5 paddles in my bag”. This tells us they are blindly searching, hoping to hit the bullseye in the dark with their eyes closed.

Paddle companies tell you that they have the latest and greatest paddle for you- their marketing speak is impressive.

They want you to fit into what they are selling. Instead we want to fit our paddles to you.

To understand what we do, how we do it and why a TSD paddle will make you a better player, you have to understand how a paddle is made and what it is made of. In simple terms, paddles have three basic components, each with their own characteristics of play and performance. Finding the right combination of these components for YOU is the first step in buying the right paddle for YOU and in turn, becoming a better player.

These components are the core material, the surface material and the handle.

Let’s start with the easiest piece - the handle. The handle of your paddle MUST fit YOUR hand to enable you to use any paddle most effectively. There is a correct handle shape, handle thickness, grip style and left or right handed grip wrap for YOUR hand. What feels right and is sized right is so fundamental to each individual yet ALL off the shelf paddles come one way- one shape, one size, one style. The way that is easiest and most profitable for the paddle manufacturer. You do have a choice- take it and like it. This is no longer your only choice.

Next, look at the paddle drawings to understand how the cores and surfaces are combined to make your paddle. The honeycomb core material is 75% of the way your paddle plays. Each material has different characteristics and each play differently. The surface material is about 25% of the way a paddle performs- it helps fine tune the way the paddle plays and compliments the core.

This will help each player understand why playing with a paddle custom made for them - with the core that feels best, the surface to compliment that core and a handle that fits their hand will make a huge difference in the way they perform on the court.

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