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Your Goal is More Efficient Pickleball

January 06 2023
Your Goal is More Efficient Pickleball

Ready, React, Execute, Improve. These four steps apply to every shot on the court. Each is made easier by properly carrying out the preceding step.

Ready - Ready position is the first step in this journey. You should be balanced, feet shoulder width apart, paddle up. This is known as a neutral body position.

React - While your opponent is executing their shot, it's time to react. Move into position, beat the ball to the spot, and decide on forehand or backhand.

Execute - Time to shine. Hit the shot.

And this one is MOST IMPORTANT

Improve - Improving is far too often overlooked. It is the first thing to go when you start playing lazily or not fully engaged. Too often we're distracted watching our own shot and not thinking about the next one.

After each shot, try to improve your position. This means advancing toward the kitchen line or shifting side to side to cover the middle/sideline. Use every opportunity to improve your position, even if it’s shuffle steps.

Remember to put on the brakes before your next shot. Leave yourself enough time to start the cycle again and get into ready position.

Playing more efficient pickleball will result in better shots, more winning points and continued success.

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