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Testimonial for Chaos Model B

Today 23 Sept Monday, finally go in some real matches with the Chaos B Paddle today.
October 07 2019 Frank c

Today Saturday 21 Sept. the paddle came today. Interesting paddle, thin yet has some good weight, measured it at 8.3 oz on my scale, but I sort of had to hold it. Although late, I took it to one of our outdoor courts, hit buckets of balls. Yes, I liked it, hit really straight, what does that mean? I think the super hard paddle drives the ball exactly straight at impact. No variation, at impact , bang, ball gone. Best way I can explain it, straight path where you hit it, with power plus a knock to scare the opponent (maybe). I like to serve the ball left and right close to the lines, I found that that easer tonight. If no rain I can play outdoor again tomorrow with people. Monday for sure in the gym. Looking forward to that.

Will send more later.

Frank c
Las cruces NM

Today 23 Sept Monday, finally go in some real matches with the Chaos B Paddle today. Outcome was different with the paddle. I think your advisement about pace increase is good. In my opinion you can hit harder with more control. Means the paddle isn’t twisting and turning with the full grip, and hard surface, ball shooting off the paddle rather than “hitting off the paddle”. I purposely took some extra hard swings, I still felt control. Paddle would pass the noise test I think at those places that had sound rules, although hard, noise was limited and no one made any comments. That was good.

Key issue, you will miss less dink's, because the paddle does not absorb the dink, it propels the ball forward like your mind is expecting. “Missing a dink”, usually means, hitting it shot into the net or just “not” over the net. This Paddle matches exactly the force your brain is sending to the muscles operating the paddle for the hit. It turn the exact power calculated to the paddle, the paddle delivers the exact force you were thinking and the Dink is completed. Other Paddles, everything the same till the Paddle Surface touches the ball, now the force is lessoned, and the ball strike, does not go over the net and the brain is confused. Happens all the time. The paddle that matches delivers every time, improves my “Dink Game” drastically. Matches what your thinking! Put “Chaos” in your game today, and see the difference!

26 Sept

Ok, got paddle at Hotel tonight, I guess it came about 2 Pm, but I just got it delivered to my room tonight. Opened,, All looks well, Looking Forward to using it,, Has a Nice Look, like green touch.. And really like the Proudly Made in USA ,, As Vietnam Vet. , you know I like that, I will be sure to show that to all my friends who do not have that on their Paddle ! Go USA ...

Thanks so much

Sorry, we are friends now also
Frank Carril
Las Cruces, NM