Third Shot Drop

Trade-Up Program


  1. What new players don’t realize is that their first paddle will only be their introductory paddle. Any player that has played for any length of time will know this is true after about 4 months of play, even though they didn’t think it the first time they played.
  2. Certain skill sets and muscle memories must be learned at a 2.5 level before you can progress to a 4.0 level.
  3. A softer paddle for example is best for a beginner to develop the feel of the drop, the dink, build confidence, etc.- most new players think they want more power.
  4. As the fundamental skillsets are developed then they may progress to a paddle with more pop to add an element of power to the game.
  5. So now you will follow a journey of learning (and buying) . . . . and the tools (paddles) they use should be no different.
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This program ONLY applies to trading in Third Shot Drop Paddles

We want to be your go-to paddle company as your game evolves and improves.

Players may start with a paddle that suits their level of play then change their paddle materials and parameters as they advance to the next level.

As we are a custom paddle company that prides ourself on fitting our paddles to each individual player, we want to be able to offer you your next paddle when you have developed you game beyond your existing TSD paddle.

The average paddle lasts between 8-12 months depending on the amount of player and the type of player. Most players see their game evolve over a period of about a year.

We will accept your old paddle in trade to get a discount on a new paddle within one year of the date of purchase and give you a discount on a new paddle. Discounts range from $40. to $80. depending on the model and condition.

Once we receive your old paddle back, we will evaluate the condition and issue a credit back to the payment method you used when you purchased your new paddle.

Thank you for being a loyal customer of TSD.