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As the owner of Third Shot Drop, I play quite a bit of pickleball and that takes its toll on my 150-year-old knees.  I have tried all different types of remedies to reduce pain and enhance recovery after playing.  I had heard about topical CBD rubs and tinctures and tried several with mixed results.  I was finally introduced to Medicileaf Sports Plus Salve by Don Shaffer, the founder of Medicileaf at a PPA Pickleball tournament.  I was previously using what I thought was a strong CBD rub that was only 300 mg.  The Medicileaf Sports Plus Salve has an incredible 5,500 mg of CBD.  Using the Platinum Complex in combination of the Sports Salve and Roll-On takes recovery to the next level.

I have been so impressed by the short and long term relief that I wanted to share this with other pickleball players. Any sport that is played on a hard surface will add additional stress to hips, knees, ankles and feet. I rub a little Platinum Pro on my knees after playing and before bed and it reduces the normal discomfort I experience after 3-4 hours on the court. I rub a little in the tender joints before I play as well and it helps warm up faster and my recovery time after play is cut in half. I have a jar in my pickleball bag, in my car, on my desk and on my nightstand. It takes a minute to rub a small amount in and the pain is gone in a few minutes. It lasts for hours. It’s very hard to keep in stock because every time I play, someone tries it and wants a jar on the spot. So far the word of mouth is traveling faster than the speed of a Ben John’s put-away. I strongly urge every player to have a jar in their pickleball bag. It won’t take long before you wonder how you managed without it.

Our Gold Pickleball Package contains our top of the line, high potency, premium grade CBD products designed to help you recover and play, the all-natural way.

As the Official CBD Supplier of The Professional Pickleball Association, we’ve had the chance to work closely with the pros, understand their needs and offer exactly the kind of CBD support they need.

What’s included:

– Gold Complex CBDa

The color of our Gold Complex reflects the high quality CBDa extract that gives this product it’s potency. As the unrefined version of CBD, CBDa is found in live plants and is only converted to CBD by external means, usually heat. Although chemically similar, CBDa and CBD have different effects. The combination of the two results in an anti-inflammatory synergy that reduces muscular discomfort and swelling in a diversified fashion.

– Sports Plus CBD Salve

Our formulation of this salve is highly effective for active athletes providing an all natural muscle discomfort ease. A Pickleball favorite, our salve contains 2750 mg (highest on the market) of broad spectrum CBD.

– CBDa Roll-on

Our formulation of this roll-on is highly effective for active athletes providing an all natural muscle and joint discomfort ease. A Pickleball favorite, our roll-on contains 500 mg of CBDa, 8x bioavailability technology due to our patented oil formulation.

Buy the Gold CBD Package today and save BIG!

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