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IQ Grip - Custom Ergonomic Grip Inserts

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IQ Grip performance orthotic inserts improve the contour of your handle to better fit your hand. The design increases cushioning and comfort in the palm region.
  • Improves Grip Pressure Distribution
  • Reduces injuries due to ovvrgripping
  • Optimizes proper grip alignment
  • Increases control with less pressure

Ergonomics Offer Support

The design of the IQGRIP takes on the form of your anatomy and leads to a better distribution of opposing forces. Unpleasant pressure points and related discomforts are avoided.

Ergonomics Optimized Handling

The physiological adaptation of ergonomic IQGRIP to your anatomy makes it exceptionally user-friendly and comfortable.

Ergonomics Directs You

Your wrist position, proper grip support, and overall grip pressure can be optimized. Relief by pressure distribution is achieved through modular grip enhancement inserts.

The IQGrip thermoplastic grip inserts are something every player should have to enhance their game

The idea behind the IQGrip is to custom fit the handle to the shape of each player’s hand

Why is this important?  Our hands are not the same shape as the grip on a paddle. Because some parts of the hand touch the paddle directly, others do not. This causes players to grip the paddle tighter than necessary in order to form a direct connection to the handle with each part of their hand. This results in players gripping the paddle 3 to 4 times harder than is optimal. When the IQGrip inserts are installed under the paddle grip, each part of the hand, fingers and palm are making direct contact with their paddle. The result is a more solid grip yet with 25-33% of the grip pressure. Now the grip is secure but with lighter grip pressure. The muscles in the hand, wrist and forearm are not flexed in a tight position all the time. The lighter grip pressure results in a smoother more consistent stroke whether it is on dinks or drives or blocks, enabling the player to place the ball where he wants consistently,

This is one of the most important parts of the game, yet it is often overlooked by many players. Grip pressure controls so much of your game. 

Players choose paddles with different core and surface densities to maximize their feel, while being able to balance it with power. Softer paddles hold the ball a fraction of a second long on the paddle, giving more control and feel. Unfortunately, most players don’t actively realize that altering their grip pressure is the one of the best methods for controlling a ball’s direction and pace. 

Nine times out of 10 the players are gripping way too tight. Players with a tight grip lose feel, sensitivity and control. This ultimately leads to less consistent shot-making. 

On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the tightest) most players are 7 to 8. The ideal is between 3 and 4 on all soft shots (dinking and third-shot drops). If players do that, the ball will stay on the paddle for a fraction of a second longer to give them more feel and consistency. 

It’s not hard to tell when your opponent is gripping too tightly on the paddle while dinking because the ball flies off the face like a rocket. These people are drive-dinkers because they hit the ball low and hard. Sometimes these shots are effective, but the problem is that the margin for error is minimal. The shots often drift high across the middle and get picked off, or they wind up in the middle of the net. 

The goal of loosening the grip pressure is to allow each player to change from a solid shot to a higher and softer shot. Always remember that the mark of a good dink is that it should be un-attackable. Oh, and the same grip philosophy applies to the thirdbshot drop. 

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