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March 03 2024
The Case For the Middle Dink

You're in a dink war. The temptation to up the ante on each shot is great. You push yourself to the brink of the dink (pace, spin, angles), hoping your opponent will fold. It's a matter of pride. A battle of ego. The message: 'I can out-dink you all - day - long buddy.' But every time you up the ante, you up the risk. Your pride left the back door open, and in comes unforced errors.

February 29 2024
Three Keys to Go From 4.0 to 4.5

Have you reached a plateau? Think your game is as good as it's going to get?

Here are the best tips for moving past the 4.0 plateau.

1. Use the drive as a situational third shot, not necessarily your “go-to”

Listen, I love to drive as much as the next guy. A player with a killer drive can be almost impossible to stop when they are hot...

February 25 2024
Winning Pickleball Strategies for Lefty-Righty Doubles Partners

A lefty-righty partnership is considered the future of pickleball. The big advantage comes in having two forehands in the middle, where most balls are hit. Now we'll examine what makes a lefty-righty partnership so special and provide some strategies for taking advantage of it. 

February 20 2024
Your Ready Position is Costing You Points

The ready position is a boring topic, but do you know what's not boring? Winning points. To win more points, you need to be better with your ready position.

In particular, we’re talking ready position at the kitchen line. When you have less than a second to react, it’s a necessity to return to the right ready position every shot.

February 18 2024
5 Shots That Are Hurting Your Pickleball Game

If so, you might be falling victim to five common mistakes that help you lose pickleball games instead of win them.

1. Your fifth shot from the mid-court

Charging in after your third puts you in a vulnerable spot for your fifth. Too often players are caught on the move and make a mistake on their fifth.

February 11 2024
The Unwritten Rules of Open Play

While we know pickleball to be a fairly laid-back scene on the recreational side, rec play is just like any other scene: there are unspoken rules you should probably follow. So whether you’re new to the game or think you’re experienced enough to know everything about it (spoiler: you’re not), here are some of the “rules” of rec pickleball at most local courts:

February 09 2024
Fire Your Coach if They Give These 5 Tips

If your coach gives you any of the following advice, it’s time to upgrade.

1. beat a banger you need to slow them. down

This tip can be counterintuitive. Sure, you don’t want to play into their strengths, but you can’t try to reset and slow down every one of their speedups. The reset is a difficult shot and doesn’t punish your opponent. You’re better off hitting a counterattack to capitalize on their aggressive play.

February 08 2024
Speed training for beginners

For beginners entering the world of pickleball, speed training might seem like a daunting endeavor. However, building a foundation for speed is a gradual process that combines specific exercises with an understanding of body mechanics.

February 06 2024
Speed Training for Pickleball: Tips to Move Faster

Pickleball, a sport that demands quick reflexes, agile movements, and lightning-fast reactions, places a premium on speed. Whether you're a beginner looking to enhance your first step or an experienced player aiming to accelerate your game, speed training is the key – but it should go beyond simple things like wall drills.

February 04 2024
A Simple Shape Helps Win Firefights

One of the favorite theories floating around the rec courts these days is called the “Triangle Rule.” The rule applies to speedups against your opponent at the kitchen line. It’s used to predict their reaction to your speedup. You’ve probably heard this one before or noticed it yourself; a speedup down the line is likely going to be countered to the middle.

January 30 2024
Convincing Case for Dropping Cross-Court

Here is why you should be sending your thirds cross-court. 

More margin for error 

Aiming cross-court allows more margin for error. The safe zone for landing a drop in the kitchen becomes much larger when aiming cross-court.

January 26 2024
NVZ Keep Fundamentals YOU in Control

Court position is the biggest advantage in pickleball. When you’re at the kitchen line at your opponent is stuck at the baseline, you have the advantage.

To keep that advantage, your volleys have to be a threat. But not all volleys are the same. The contact height determines how aggressive you can be with your shot.

January 24 2024
Recommended Drills for 3.0 Players to Impro

Start at the baseline and have your partner stand opposite from you down the line at the Kitchen. Your partner will feed the ball to you, and your goal is to hit as many shots as it takes for you to get to the Kitchen. Once you reach the Kitchen, play the point out down the line. You can keep score and play games to 7 or 11, and then switch roles with your partner.

January 23 2024
The third shot drop carries a lot of weight in the game of pickleball

The third shot drop carries a lot of weight in the game of pickleball. It’s the key to neutralizing the returning team’s advantage and advancing towards the NVZ.

January 18 2024
Insider Insights: Decoding the Dynamics of Pickleball Paddle Swing Weight

Building on our recent discussion about the critical role of swing weight in pickleball paddles, let's delve into the key factors that contribute to this dynamic element. Understanding these nuances can significantly impact your gameplay.

January 12 2024
The Significance of Pickleball Paddle Swing Weight

As enthusiasts of the game, we understand the importance of selecting the right equipment to enhance our performance on the pickleball court. Today, I'd like to shed light on a crucial aspect of pickleball paddles—swing weight.