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January 02 2024
Let It Go, Let It Go

Letting out balls go is an underrated, and acquired skill. It’s not always easy.

December 26 2023
The Art of Cut and Slice

Watching dink battles can feel like watching paint dry. Two players trading unattackable shots are unlikely to make any highlight reel.

But for the players on the court, there is more at play than meets the eye.

December 18 2023
Spot a Savage

How do you know if someone is savage when visiting new courts?

A good signal to look for is a strong transition backhand volley.

December 11 2023
Fourth Shot Fundamentals, Part 2

Last week, we covered two 4th shot fundamentals.

This week, we’ve got the final two tips to help convert your fourths into sideouts and get the ball back in your hands.

December 06 2023
Fourth Shot Fundamentals

The fourth shot is one of the reasons people love pickleball. It’s your chance to be a superstar.

November 28 2023
Better Returns of Serve: Drills and Tips

Beginning pickleball players only care about one thing: hitting the ball in bounds. As we progress, we want to do more and more with our game, and we want to score more often. Maybe we even start practicing shots.

November 21 2023
Move With Your Partner

Moving with your partner is a crucial part of pickleball. The old adage “Down the middle solves the riddle” is popular because it is true. Creating a gap between players and then exploiting the gap is one of the best ways to win a point.

November 09 2023
Retreat as One

One of the most panic-inducing moments in pickleball occurs when you see a lob floating overhead and out of reach.

October 30 2023
Strike Them Out With Your Serve

The MLB World Series begins tonight between the Arizona Diamondbacks and Texas Rangers (as opposed to the MLP’s Drive and Ranchers). In honor of the October Classic, we’re dusting off a baseball-themed tip to help your serve.

October 23 2023
Court Position Visualization

For those of us who are visual learners, here is a series of graphics to visualize optimal court coverage.

You’ve heard it a million times: “Partners should move like they’re connected with a string.” Well, here you can see why that is important.

October 16 2023
Block or Counterattack? What Is the Difference & Tips to Determine Which to Use on the Pickleball Court

In pickleball, both blocking and counterattacking are strategies typically used when you are playing at or near the Kitchen line, and your opponents are hitting a hard shot at you. However, they differ in their execution and intent.

October 09 2023
The Land of Opportunity

By now you should know the slinky drill is the best use of time before a match. It helps you lock in your drops at different depths in the court.

October 02 2023
Freeze Them at the Baseline

When you hit a third shot drop, do you know it’s good as soon as it leaves your paddle?

If you’re like most of us, you probably need a little feedback from your opponent to know it’s safe to come forward.

September 25 2023
Keep the Ball in Front

A recent trip out to the court with some beginners reminded me of an easy tip to improve your game: keep the ball in front.

September 18 2023
Hitting the Short Corner

Everybody loves ripping a powerful serve at their opponents. It's your chance to start the point and dictate the pace.

September 11 2023
Use Footwork to Add Power

Generating power in pickleball is all about managing space — specifically, the space between you and the ball. Ideally, you want the ball to be at arm’s length to maximize your power.