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January 14 2019
Ryan Trefry
TSD Tournament Play Blog

How important is warming up during a tournament?

I think most pickleball players rarely spend enough time warming up during recreation play, but do they spend enough time warming up during a tournament. The average warm up during recreation play is roughly 37 seconds. During most tournaments you have 8 minutes to start your match once your name is called. Does this give you ample time to warm up? The answer is most likely not.

January 07 2019
Pat Carroll

Perhaps the MOST NEGLECTED part of improving your game is the most important part-- FOOTWORK!  No matter how great your dinks, volleys, and groundstrokes, lazy/sluggish/slow/sloppy footwork will frequently result in loss of the point, and ultimately keep you “stuck” at your current skill level.

Making less errors and hitting with power is predicated on your body being in a balanced stance and positioned to hit the ball in your power/comfort zone, which is one foot in front and no farther than one foot to either side.

December 31 2018
Ashley Roberts
Let’s talk about your CORE

Ashley Roberts here with Third Shot Drop Custom Paddles. I am a certified personal trainer with 17 years of experience.

Training is extremely important and should form an integral part of an athlete’s daily routine. Last month we talked about the foundation of your body. It is so critical to do corrective exercises and stretches to ensure the length/tension relationships between our muscles is balanced so that our Kinetic Chain is optimized to perform it’s best.

December 24 2018
Third Shot Drop
Why TSD will Definitely make you a better player

There are so many paddles each pickleball player has to choose from.
Some are suited for them, others are not.
We hear over and over from players - “I already have 5 paddles in my bag”. This tells us they are blindly searching, hoping to hit the bullseye in the dark with their eyes closed.

December 10 2018
Pat Carroll
Backhands Vs. Forehands
There is, in my opinion, a huge fallacy regarding the subject of forehands. It is, that a shot in question should always be taken by the partner with the forehand. Yielding to the forehand on shots just because it’s a forehand frequently creates poor court coverage and results in lost points. Also, MOST errors are made with forehands rather than backhands.
December 03 2018
Ashley Roberts
Human Movement System
Hi, this is Ashley Roberts with Third Shot Drop Custom Paddles. I am a certified personal trainer with 17 years of experience. I am excited to share monthly blogposts with you about training. Training is extremely important and should form an integral part of an athlete’s daily routine.First we need to get down to the foundation of your body.
March 23 2018
Third Shot Drop
Building the Right Pickleball Paddle

Finding the right paddle for you isn’t about what Bob or Sally plays with or which colors look best. It’s about building the right tool for the job. Players that understand their game and are educated in the playing characteristics of the materials that make their paddle and cause it to play a certain way, are better equipped to perform to the best of their abilities. Knowing about cores, surfaces, weights and handles/grips will enable you to build the paddle that will elevate your game. When you have confidence in your equipment, that translates into performance on the court!

March 08 2018
Third Shot Drop
How to Find Your Pickleball Paddle Grip Size
Before you choose a pickleball paddle grip size, you should take into consideration some factors such as handle shape, type of grip, and whether or not you will be using an overgrip. Typically, an overgrip will add either half or one whole size (1/16 to 1/8 inch) to the racquet. That’s obviously something you’ll want to keep in mind when looking for a racquet, and if you do choose to use an overgrip, you’ll want to find a paddle that is half to one size lower depending on what kind of overgrip you’ll be using.